Why Making Assumptions Can Cost Your MSP Big

As the owner of an IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business, have you ever felt anxious about delivering a proposal or sales pitch to a client, squirming because you “just knew” that they’d find it too expensive? It’s not that the solution you’re presenting in your proposal isn’t the one the client needs – you’re sharing with them *exactly* what they need. Nor is it that you’ve added a large margin to the proposal to boost your profits. In reality, worried about the cost of the proposal you’ve probably reduced your margin to make the whole job more palatable to the client.



Highly Successful TSPs Never Guess

For many technology solution providers (TSPs), giving clients the best service offering possible is a key focus, and they have the best intentions for how to make that happen. They work hard, log long hours and yet they find themselves in a position to ask, “Where are the profits? What about customer loyalty? Why isn’t it happening?” To find the real answers, highly successful TSPs look in their database. Instead of making educated guesses they use data to help make fact-based decisions about what’s best for the business.