The Science of Making a Sale – Part 2

Now that Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management at Autotask, has covered the “art side” of a good sale , let’s talk about the science of making a sale.  Taking a scientific approach means you base your decisions on facts. To get the facts, you need a process. Same goes for successful sales organizations. They know that a good sales process is crucial to be effective and achieve consistent sales success. Autotask’s Sales Process tool allows a sales organization to follow a clearly defined process.


The Art of Making a Sale – Part 1

A great sale is a combination of art and science. At least it can be with the right tools to give you the visibility you need into the entire sales process.  In this two part video blog series, Joe Rourke, Director of Product Management at Autotask, talks about the art and science side of sales. In Part I, he’ll explain how a sales organization can master the artful side of a sale using the Opportunity Assessment tool to manage both the technical and cultural fit.